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Halong Bay Destination

Cat Ba Island Overview

Cat Ba Island Overview
Cat Ba island is located in Lan Ha Bay and belong to Cat Ba Archipelago of Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. It is about 30 miles away from Hai Phong city to the east . With over 86 square miles, Cat Ba island is the biggest island of 1,969 islands in UNESCO Natural Heritage Site Halong bay. It is about 88 feet above sea level.
The Cat Ba Island  is famous for karst topography created by marine transgression. There are many limestone mountains with the age over millions of the years and coved by evergreen tropical forest. It is a great place for tourists can discover because of many karst caves such as Trung Trang cave, Quan Y Cave ( Hospital cave), Hung Son Cave, Phu Long cave( So-called Cai Vieng Cave). The scenery of Cat Ba island is created by beautiful white sand beaches ( Cat Co 1 Beach, Cat Co 2 Beach), Coral reefs, Lagoons and Mangroves.
Cat Ba national Park

With great living conditions of geographic and climate, Cat Ba island is home to over 1.400 species of flora and fauna. Many of them are rare species listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book and IUCN red list of threatened species such as Cat Ba langur, the Southern Serow (Naemorhaedus sumatraensis), Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta), Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), black giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor), and civet cats (Viverricula indica, Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Cat Ba island is home to famous species : Cat Ba Langur and Nageia Fleuryi.

Due to protecting all of species and reserving them, The Cat Ba National Park was founded in 1986. The Park covers an area of 67 square miles on land and 34 square miles on the sea. Cat Ba National Park is the first park in Vietnam that gets both ecosystem on land and aquatic ecosystem. In the year of 2004, the UNESCO recognized Cat Ba Archipelago and Cat Ba Island as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.
Cat ba national Park
Cat Ba island is home to 13.500 people mainly living in agriculture, fishing, tourism and fish farming as well. Many relics of Cai Beo and Halong culture ( dating from 6.475 to 4.200 years ago ) have been founded by Archaeologists and all of relics would like to tell you the people have been lived on the island at least 6.000 years.
Cat ba national Park 2

What to do in Cat Ba Island ?

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Cat Ba island and Lan Ha Bay. There are so many activities to meet your demands such as relaxing on the white sand beach Cat Co , Snorkeling in Lan Ha bay  or Kayaking in Lan Ha Bayto see the beautiful coral reefs, biking in Cat Ba island to enjoy the daily life of the local people, visiting the Cat Ba national park or trekking in Cat Ba National Park to Viet Hai fishing village. Cat Ba Town is one of the best relaxing place in the Gulf of Tonkin.
There are many resorts, hotels and restaurants which can meet the demands of tourists when you staying in Cat Ba island.

How to get Cat Ba island?

There are two ways to Cat Ba island:

1.Travel to Cat Ba island from Hai Phong city:
- You can drive to Hai Phong city from Hanoi and reach Binh Harbor ( Ben Binh ) and then take speed boat to Cat Ba island. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Cat Ba island by speed boat from Hai Phong city. - You can take Hoang Long bus from Luong Yen Bus station in Hanoi to Cat Ba island.
Cat Ba island tourist harbor

2. Travel to Cat Ba island from Halong city:
- You can take fairy from Tuan Chau Island to Gia Luan Harbor and then take 20 minutes by taxi to Cat Ba Town.
- You can take tourist boat via Halong bay and then also go to Gia Luan harbor in Cat Ba island.
Gia luan harbor cat ba island

Pictures of Cat Ba island:

Cat Ba Island Town2
Cat Ba Island Town
cat ba island bar
Cat Ba Island Bar
cat ba island night market
Cat Ba Island Night Market
cat ba island floating restaurant
Cat Ba Island floating restaurant
cat ba island seafood restaurant
Cat Ba Island Seafood Restaurant
cat ba island seafood restaurant 2
Cat Ba Island Seafood Restaurant2
cat ba island Fishing village 2
Cat Ba Island fishing village
cat ba island Fishing village
Cat Ba Island fishing vallage

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