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Activities in Halong Bay

Scuba Diving on Halong bay

Scuba Diving on Halong bay
Scuba Diving on Halong bay is one of the most interesting activities for all of tourists who love discover World Heritage and New Seven Wonders by your own way. You will have a great chance to discover Amazing Halong bay underwater by our scuba diving services.
Located in the northeast of Hanoi, Halong bay Vietnam is the best highlight destination in Vietnam . Our amazing halong bay was recognized as the world nature heritage site by UNESSCO and became New Seven Wonders in 2012. Travel to Halong bay, you will not only take a halong bay boat trip , kayaking to enjoy all landscape and cave of bay but amazing underwater of the bay by Scuba Diving. All of amazing sites of world heritage Halong bay under the water are waiting for being discovered by you.

Scuba Diving Services is our first product on Halong bay. The tourists have a great chance to discover the hidden beauty of Halong bay under the water. You can enjoy thousands of splendid coral reefs and many fishes like sergeant major fish, Clark’s anemone fish in the transparent water of Halong bay. All of our staffs with international diving license s are so friendly and wel-trained to take care all of you in the water. We guarantee your safety and preparing amenities which bring you the unforgettable trip under the water of Halong bay.

How to dive longer and deeper safely in Halong bay water?

There are numbers of technique to help you be able to dive longer and deeper in Halong bay water :
1.If you dive deeper than 40 meters ( 140 feet ) you have to use mixed gasesand enter overhead environments ( caves or wrecks )
2.Surface applied diving includes using umbilical gas supply and diving helmets.
3.Saturation diving – long-term use of underwater habitats under pressure and a gradual release of pressure over several days in a decompression chamber at the end of a dive.

When is the best time to using scuba diving in halong bay?

From April to December is the best time for scuba diving on Halong bay because the water will be warm from 26-29 celsius degrees.

How to book Scuba diving services on Halong bay:

You can book with us ( Scuba diving service is available every day . Please contact us for more information of Scuba diving at :

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